We believe in markets to deliver ambitious climate results at scale

  • <b>270+</b>million-tons-of-co2e-credits-issued
    270+million tons of CO2e credits issued
  • <b>686</b>emissions-reduction-and-removals-projects
    686emissions reduction and removals projects
  • <b>11.7m</b>acres-restored,-conserved-or-sustainably-managed
    11.7Macres restored, conserved or sustainably managed

Our Markets

In both compliance and voluntary carbon markets, we oversee the registration and independent verification of carbon emission reduction and removals projects for conformance with science-based carbon accounting methodologies, and we issue serialized credits on a transparent registry.

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Our Program

We develop rigorous standards, methodologies and tools for greenhouse gas accounting. We only register project-based carbon credits that are real, additional, permanent and independently verified.

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