Setting the Bar for Carbon Credit Quality

For more nearly three decades, we have pioneered science-based methodologies for activities that reduce and remove greenhouse gas emissions across a broad range of sectors.

ACR Program

We have a long track record of pioneering science-based methodologies for activities that reduce and remove greenhouse gas emissions in forestry and land use, energy, industrial and transportation sectors.

GHG emission reduction and removals projects that use ACR methodologies and are registered to our program meet the requirements of our ACR Standard, which is rooted in sound scientific practice to ensure that all the carbon credits we issue are real, additional, permanent and independently verified.

Credits issued from these projects can be used in compliance markets, such as ICAO’s CORSIA, as well as towards voluntary climate commitments. For more information, please see Our Markets.

The ACR Standard

The ACR Standard details requirements and specifications for the eligibility, quantification, monitoring, reporting, verification, registration and issuance of project-based GHG emission reductions and removals as carbon credits. The Standard establishes the level of scientific integrity that every project must meet in order for ACR to register its GHG emission reductions and removals as tradable environmental assets denominated in metric tons of CO2 equivalent.

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The ACR Standard

Version 8.0

ACR Methodologies

We credit project-level emission reductions and/or removals from a range of scopes defined by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB), the body which accredits and oversees Validation and Verification Bodies for ACR. Scope exclusions are detailed in the ACR Standard.

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Validation and Verification

We require independent third-party validation and verification of all carbon projects by a duly accredited Validation and Verification Body following the ACR Validation and Verification Standard.

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Program Resources

We have developed a range of tools, templates, and useful guidance documents to ensure that projects and methodologies comply with ACR Standards.

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Partners and Affiliates

ACR works with industry leaders to broaden carbon market access and engage in global policy forums.

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