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International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance

ACR has been an approved ICROA carbon offsetting standard since 2011.


In July 2011, ICROA recognized ACR as an approved offsetting standard.

The International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) companies follow a code of best practice that provides confidence that resulting offsets are real, verified, permanent, additional and unique and that sets guidelines for how such offsets are sold.

As the first voluntary carbon registry in the world, ACR is proud to be recognized by ICROA for the environmental integrity of our standard and the quality of ACR-registered offset projects.

ICROA’s support of robust standards for the voluntary offset market is critical: Member firms currently provide carbon offset and management services to thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of individuals.

For more information about ICROA, visit https://icroa.org/.