A Trusted and Transparent GHG Registry

ACR established the world’s first carbon registry in 1996 and has been a global leader ever since. We operate a robust, secure and fully transparent registry system with reduction and removals projects to record the issuance, transfer and retirement of serialized, independently verified carbon credits.

About the ACR Registry

The contracting of credits for purchase or retirement takes place directly between buyer and seller through over-the-counter (OTC) transactions outside of the ACR Registry system or on an approved, linked exchange platform. After a transaction takes place, the counterparties record the transfer of ownership or retirement of credits on the ACR Registry.

Public Reports
The use of a fully transparent registry system is fundamental to carbon market credibility. We ensure transparency by requiring that project registration and verification documents be made public. We ensure no double counting or double selling by serializing carbon credits and by linking to online credit issuance and retirement logs.

View public reports here:


Retired Credits

Issued Credits

Canceled Credits

Buffer Pool Account Balance


Before initiating the process to request an ACR Registry account, please scroll down and read the instructions below carefully, and follow the step-by-step process.

Start Process


If you do not have an ACR Registry account, please see “OPEN AN ACCOUNT.”

Log In to your account


A list of ACR-Linked Platforms is available to direct credit buyers and sellers to the external marketplaces ACR has approved for specific market activities.

We also provide a list of Projects Requesting Registration, which also includes information on how to submit stakeholder comments.

Opening an ACR
Registry Account

Steps to Take

The steps involved in the Account Opening process are outlined below.

Identify the individual within your organization who will serve as the Account Manager

This person must be specifically named and authorized to:

  • Open the account
  • Denote the applicant organization’s agreement to the legally binding ACR Terms of Use by marking the click-to-agree boxes on the web-based ACR Terms of Use form.
  • Create additional account logins as needed for other users of the applicant organization’s account.
  • Have access to all account activity.

Documentation of the individual’s authorization is provided to ACR in step 7 below using the appropriate template.

Review Registry Documents

Get acquainted with the relevant documents at the start to better understand the process.

Terms of Use

Required for all applicants; signed online via the registry platform

New Account Application Form

Required for all applicants

Account Manager Authorization Templates

Required for all applicants

ACR Linkage with CBL

ACR Account Holders can offer and purchase credits through the CBL platform

ACR Linkage with ACX

ACR Account Holders can offer and purchase credits through the ACX platform

Open an Account

Start the process in our registry (opens in a new window). Select the appropriate account type for your organization and click the “Continue Registration” button.

  • Project Developer: Account Holders who will submit projects for ACR registration and carbon credit issuance, with potential transactions and retirements.
  • Corporate: Account Holders whose primary objective is to purchase and retire credits against their GHG footprint (same functionality as the transaction account type).
  • Transaction: Account Holders who want to purchase, hold, transfer, and/or retire credits for themselves or on behalf of others.
  • Custodial: Account Holders who operate external exchange, trading platform, auction platform, or other marketplace for the purpose of clearing or otherwise facilitating transactions of carbon credits to which they do not have title or ownership rights.
  • Project VVB: Account Holders approved to serve as Validation/Verification Bodies.
Complete Online Account Information Form

You will be presented with an online Account Information screen. You must complete all required fields, which are noted by an asterisk (*). The email address entered for the Account Manager must be their own direct email address; group email addresses cannot be used. When complete, click “Submit.”

Note: The organization’s name, account type, city/state/country and website are publicly available after approval unless you mark the account as a Private Account. The Account Manager’s contact information will also be available to other current ACR Account Holders only unless you mark the account as a Private Account.

Validate the Account Application Profile with Your Login Credentials

Upon submitting the Account Information form, the Account Manager will receive a New Account Request email. The Account Manager must validate the new account application profile using the unique link contained in the automatically generated email and the newly established login credentials.

Click to Agree to the Online ACR Terms of Use

This appears as the next screen after clicking “Activate”. Acceptance of the Terms of Use must be done by the authorized Account Manager, identified in step 1 above. The Account Manager must review all terms, checking the box for each section, and agree to the Terms of Use on behalf of the Applicant Organization by typing their full name and title (this serves as their electronic signature) and pressing the “I Agree” button.

Note: Do not use your browser’s “Back” button to view a previous screen during this process or information you enter may be lost.

Submit Supplemental Documentation

If submitting a document in a language other than English, it must be accompanied by a certified English translation.

Project Developer, Corporate Transaction, and Custodial account applicants must submit the following documents via email to, using the subject line: “New Account Request – [Applicant Organization’s Name]”

  • A completed New Account Application Form
  • Account Manager Authorization: Using the Account Manager Authorization Template,  a Board resolution or signed letter from a corporate officer stating that the applicant has chosen to open an ACR account and the Account Manager named on the application is duly appointed and authorized.
  • Organizational Certificate: Required only for applicants that are not a publicly traded company, utility, or regulated financial institution: A certified copy of the applicant’s organizational certificate, e.g., Articles of Incorporation.

Validation/Verification Body (VVB) account applicants must submit an Application for Validation/Verification Body Approval and supplemental documentation named therein, as per the Verification page on our website.

Application Review by Administrator

The ACR Administrator will review the account application and supporting documentation. If the account application is complete and approved, an Account Approval email will be sent to the designated Account Manager at the email address provided. If materials are incomplete or additional information is required, the ACR Administrator will notify the Account Manager. Applicants not approved will be notified via email.

Begin Using Your Account

Approved accounts may begin using all functions of the system available to their user type. The ACR Registry Operating Procedures provide users with a step-by-step guide to navigate and carry out actions on the Registry.

Account Billing upon Account Approval

Upon account approval, Project Developer, Corporate, Transaction and Custodial accounts will be invoiced for the Account Opening Fee, per the ACR Fee Schedule. Once the invoice is created, an automatically generated email notification with payment details is sent to the Billing Contact. All invoices are available online to review/download/print via the “My Invoices” link under the “My Reports” section to the left when logged in to your account.