A Global Leader that Delivers Ambitious Climate Results

ACR is a leading global carbon crediting program. We enhance confidence in the integrity of carbon markets to catalyze transformational emission reductions.

Our Mission

ACR creates confidence in the integrity of carbon markets to catalyze transformational climate results.


We engage actively in a broad range of industry initiatives to help shape the development and growth of high-integrity carbon markets


We operate a transparent online registry system to record the issuance, transfer, and retirement of serialized carbon credits


We pioneer rigorous, peer-reviewed, science-based carbon accounting standards and methodologies


We oversee the registration and independent verification of greenhouse gas emission reduction and removals projects

Our Role

ACR is a leading carbon crediting program operating in global compliance and voluntary carbon markets.

Founded in 1996 as the first private voluntary GHG registry in the world, we have a quarter century of expertise in ensuring carbon credit quality and a proven track record in innovation and continuous improvement.

Our Team

ACR benefits from a responsive, best-in-class team with wide-ranging expertise, including carbon project development, climate policy, carbon market design, carbon credit methodology development, third-party verification, and registry design and operations. We understand the complex technical, market and regulatory issues involved in developing carbon projects and work with asset owners to navigate the process from project registration and verification through to the issuance of carbon credits.

ACR is governed by Environmental Resources Trust LLC, a wholly-owned nonprofit subsidiary of Winrock International. The ERT Board of Managers ensures ACR maintains focus on harnessing the power of markets to improve the environment.

Contact Us


For new Registry account applications and for general information on ACR’s Program or Registry, contact ACR@winrock.org

ACR Office

ACR c/o Winrock International,
325 W Capitol, Suite 350
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
+1 571-402-4235

Forestry and Other Land Use

For information related to projects and/or methodologies within Forestry or Other Land Use sectors, contact ACRForestry@winrock.org

Industrial Solutions

For information related to projects and/or methodologies within Industrial sectors, contact ACRIndustrial@winrock.org


For reporters on assignment or general media support, please contact Brad Kahn, Communications Director, at brad.kahn@winrock.org