Complaints & Appeals


Complaints & Appeals

We encourage any stakeholder that has concerns to contact us to discuss the concern and possible solutions prior to filing a formal complaint. This will allow the concern to be considered and discussed more quickly. If, however, a stakeholder wishes to file a formal complaint, ACR’s complaints procedure is detailed in Chapter 11 of the ACR Standard.

All formal complaints received by ACR and the outcomes of the review process are summarized below.

There are no current complaints or appeals.

Historical Complaints

Submission Date 2018 Submitted By Confidential Nature of Complaint ACR Rules Summary of Complaint ACR denied registration of a project in Thailand that was conceived of under an earlier version of the ACR Standard but did not follow the project trajectory of the ACR Standard and was outside of the scope of the then applicable ACR Standard v5.0. Summary of Decision Because ACR procedures were not followed by the Project Proponent (i.e., project screening and approval to proceed prior to validation and/or verification) and there were significant unresolved issues with the project at the time of the ACR Standard update (i.e., failure to meet the minimum project terms and validation deadline and failure to satisfy requirements for community and environmental impacts), the original decision to not accept the project for registration was upheld during the complaint and appeals process. Current Status Closed