Version: 1.1

Published: December 1, 2023

Template for ACR Multi-Site Design Document

ACR has established procedures for GHG projects to include multiple facilities, fields, or parcels (hereafter referred to collectively as “Sites”) as an Aggregated project or as a Programmatic Development Approach (PDA) project so that they may achieve efficiencies of scale and other potential project administrative benefits while preserving the accounting principles of the ACR Standard and its approved methodologies, and the integrity of the monitoring, reporting, and verification processes.

ACR requires that a Multi-Site Design Document be provided by Aggregated or PDA GHG Projects to describe how the Project conforms to ACR Standard requirements specifically governing multi-site projects. This template first addresses general Aggregation and PDA requirements. It then provides a Site Information Table, where details concerning individual Sites shall be recorded. This document is considered an appendix to the GHG Project Plan and must be uploaded to the ACR Registry, denoted as a GHG Project Plan document type. This appendix is subject to validation and will be public.

Download the template