ACR Call for Expressions of Interest to participate in Digital Assets Consultation



July 29, 2022

ACR is issuing a request for Expression of Interest (EOI) to Web3 companies to participate in our Digital Assets Consultation. Alongside participation in other digital asset forums, the EOI aims to identify Web3 companies that wish to engage directly with ACR during the consultation to exchange information to inform the development of ACR’s program requirements and infrastructure for digital assets. This includes development of rules governing ACR’s authorization of the creation of digital carbon assets via the tokenization of ACR-issued credits; the required registry infrastructure to ensure transparency, security, and avoid double selling and double claims; and the consideration of legal and regulatory implications along the carbon value chain.

ACR is also participating in the IETA Digital Climate Markets Task Force, including the development of a Code of Best Practice for the tokenization of carbon credits and the use of tokenized carbon credits as well as in the Gold Standard Working Group on Digital Assets for Climate Impact with similar objectives. The aim of ACR’s broad collaboration with carbon market stakeholders is to establish a common implementation roadmap to safeguard the structural, legal and environmental underpinnings of carbon markets, while optimizing climate impact and access to finance.

If you wish to participate please respond to the EOI by submitting your company name and contact information to with the subject line ‘Digital Assets Consultation EOI’ before August 5th.