ACR Methodologies

ACR methodologies are recognized as being of the highest quality, whether used for voluntary or regulatory compliance purposes.

Open for Public Comment

ANAB Sectoral Scope Methodology Version
No methodologies currently in this phase.

ACR Credits

ACR credits project-level emission reductions and/or removals from a range of scopes defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the body which accredits and oversees Validation and Verification Bodies for ACR. Scope exclusions are detailed in the ACR Standard.

All projects must be validated and verified for compliance with an ACR-approved measurement, monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) methodology and must comply with all requirements of the current published version of the ACR Standard.

To ensure our methodologies are grounded in the latest science and the resulting credits are of the highest integrity, ACR’s process for the development and approval of methodologies is led by our highly qualified technical team with input from external stakeholders and subject matter experts. The process includes internal review by knowledgeable staff, a public stakeholder consultation period and a blind scientific peer review process by experts in the relevant field(s). Upon approval and publication, ACR methodologies are available for use to register projects on ACR.

ACR’s technical and policy team includes internationally recognized thought leaders in the forestry and industrial sectors and is widely recognized for its deep expertise in carbon accounting and verification methods.

New Methodologies

ACR promotes innovation to bring new emission reduction and removals credit types to market.

ACR promotes innovation to bring new emission reduction and removals credit types to market. Third parties are welcome to submit concepts for new methodologies for ACR’s evaluation. All new methodology concepts must be submitted using the process outlined in section 7.B. of the ACR Standard.

New methodologies and methodology modifications are approved for use through ACR's public comment and scientific peer review process and published for general use upon approval.