Version: 1.0

Published: July 1, 2023

ACR Template for Supplemental Project Description

Projects developed using the ACR Standard may provide supplemental information as an addendum to the GHG Project Plan for the purposes of providing a short, narrative description of the project. If provided, this addendum shall be submitted on the project’s Registry, denoted as a GHG Project Plan document type, and maintained as public.

This addendum and the information contained herein are provided optionally to further increase transparency as a project reference document that goes beyond requirements of the ACR Standard and relevant methodology. The information has not been independently validated or verified but, per the ACR Terms of Use, is required to be true, correct, and complete to the best of the Account Holder’s knowledge, information, and belief. This addendum does not replace any information previously submitted within the GHG Project Plan nor any other validated or verified documentation. Any quantitative information is considered supplemental and supporting, and it may not contradict the GHG Project Plan or other project documentation. ACR may request modifications to this addendum as needed.

Download the template