California's Cap-and-Trade: Strategies for effective market participation



December 6, 2013

The American Carbon Registry (ACR) and Marten Law held a one-day symposium on July 17, 2013 in Sacramento on California’s cap-and-trade program. The symposium, California’s Cap-and-Trade: Strategies for Effective Market Participation, provided over 200 participants with information on generating, acquiring, and trading California compliance instruments.

Workshop Agenda and Registration List


Overview of Compliance Markets and Regulatory Developments

GHG Offsets in the Cap-and-Trade Program

Trading in Compliance Instruments


Session Videos

Symposium Welcome Address Part I: Kevin Haroff, Partner at Marten Law, welcomes participants.

Symposium Welcome Address, Part II: John Kadyszewski, Director of American Carbon Registry, welcomes participants.

Overview of Compliance Options, Part I: Belinda Morris, American Carbon Registry’s California Director, introduces the structure of California’s compliance program.

Overview of Compliance Options, Part II: Erika Anderson of Marten Law  introduces the carbon offset value chain and a framework for discussing risk

Regulatory Developments: Steve Cliff, Assistant Chief of California Air Resources Board’s Stationary Source Division, discusses recent developments in California’s cap-and-trade program and the agency’s expectations going forward.

Developing Offset Projects for the Compliance Program: Moderated by Kevin Haroff, four project developers provide insights into the challenges and opportunities for offset projects developed under three of California’s compliance protocols. Todd English, Co-Founder of EOS Climate, Inc. discusses ODS projects. Peter Freed, Director of Terrapass discusses Livestock projects. Brian Shillinglaw, Manager of Carbon Investments and Policy for New Forests Inc., and Nathan Voegeli, Staff Attorney for the Yurok Tribe, discuss U.S. Forest Projects.

Trading in Compliance Offsets: An Overview: John Battaglia, Director of GHG Americas for Evolution Markets, Inc., provides an overview of trade in compliance instruments, including how allowances are traded on secondary markets, the variety of ways offsets are transacted, the different types of standard offset products and the role of the broker.

Future Compliance Offset Protocol Development: Moderated by Tony Brunello, Green Technology Leadership Group’s Executive Director, a panel of experts discuss the process of developing new offset protocols, including how new offset methodologies are developed in the voluntary market, what potential opportunities exist for new protocols in California’s cap-and-trade program, and the potential for international offset credits entering the California market.  Panelists include Obadiah Bartholomy, Senior Project Manager for Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Jeff Cohen, Co-Founder of EOS Climate, Inc., Adam Loney, Principal at Conestoga-Rovers Associates, Nick Marten, Chief Technical Officer at American Carbon Registry, Greg Mayeur, Manager of California Air Resources Board’s Offset Program Implementation, and Michelle Passero, Senior Climate Policy Advisor at The Nature Conservancy.

How can we help?: Mary Grady and Belinda Morris of American Carbon Registry and Erika Anderson and Kevin Haroff of Marten Law facilitate an open dialogue with participants seeking input on how ACR and Marten Law can assist participants in meeting their goals under the cap-and-trade program.

Interviews with Cap-and-Trade Symposium Participants: Reflections from symposium participants, including covered entities, project developers and verifiers, on California’s cap-and-trade program and the outcomes of the symposium.

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