Projects Requesting Registration

The following is a list of GHG projects requesting registration with ACR. Listing Forms for these projects are available on the ACR Registry by clicking on “View” in the Documents column of the Projects public report. ACR updates this list of GHG projects weekly after they initiate project validation.

Local and global stakeholders impacted by a GHG project may submit comments via email to with an email subject line: “Comments on ACR [PROJECT NAME and/or ACR PROJECT ID#]”. Public comments will be forwarded to the Project Proponent and Validation and Verification Body and reviewed by ACR.


ACR974 Foam Blowing Agent Project 001-2023 Industrial Process Emissions Earth City, Missouri, US 4/23/2024 – 5/23/2024
ACR975 Foam Blowing Agent Project 004-2023 Industrial Process Emissions Winchester, Virginia, US 4/23/2024 – 5/23/2024
ACR912 NativState – Mixed Broadleaf Forests of the Ozark Highlands (PDA) Forest Carbon Conway, Arkansas, US 4/30/2024 – 5/30/2024
ACR976 Spray Foam Omega 2023 Industrial Process Emissions Arlington, Texas, US 4/30/2024 – 5/30/2024
ACR977 Spray Foam Omega 2023C Industrial Process Emissions 70 Boulevard du Cure-Boisbriand QC J7G 2A7 Canada 4/30/2024 – 5/30/2024
ACR989 Anew – Douglas County Forestry Project Forest Carbon Douglas County, Wisconsin, US 5/7/2024 – 6/6/2024
ACR988 Anew – Sawyer County Forestry Project Forest Carbon Sawyer County, Wisconsin, US 5/7/2024 – 6/6/2024
ACR913 NativState – Bottomland Forests of the Mississippi Delta and Piedmont (PDA) Forest Carbon Conway, Arkansas, US 5/7/2024 – 6/6/2024
ACR1021 A-Gas V15 Industrial Process Emissions Bowling Green, Ohio, US 5/14/2024 – 6/13/2024
ACR966 Heartland Methane Abatement and Land Restoration Project 2 Industrial Process Emissions Blaine, Kingfisher, Nowata and Washington Counties, Oklahoma, US 5/14/2024 – 6/13/2024
ACR948 True Manufacturing FBA Project 002C Industrial Process Emissions Missouri, US 5/14/2024 – 6/13/2024
ACR984 Anew – Eau Claire County Forestry Project Forest Carbon Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, US 5/22/2024 – 6/21/2024