Projects Requesting Registration

The following is a list of GHG projects requesting registration with ACR. Listing Forms for these projects are available on the ACR Registry by clicking on “View” in the Documents column of the Projects public report. ACR updates this list of GHG projects weekly after they initiate project validation.

Local and global stakeholders impacted by a GHG project may submit comments via email to with an email subject line: “Comments on ACR [PROJECT NAME and/or ACR PROJECT ID#]”. Public comments will be forwarded to the Project Proponent and Validation and Verification Body and reviewed by ACR.


ACR992 HT HFC Reclamation Project Champaign 2023 Industrial Process Emissions Champaign, IL, US 3/20/2024 – 4/19/2024
ACR993 HT HFC Reclamation Project Ontario 2023 Industrial Process Emissions Ontario, CA, US 3/20/2024 – 4/19/2024
ACR1008 Advanced Refrigeration – ARS2022004 Industrial Process Emissions 1181 Gannon Plaza, Festus, MO, US 3/20/2024 – 4/19/2024
ACR792 Anew – Buckeye State Forestry Project Forest Carbon Ohio, US 4/2/2024 – 5/2/2024
ACR1014 Fielding Environmental HFC Reclamation Offset Project – 2022 Industrial Process Emissions Mississauga, Ontario, CA 4/10/2024 – 5/10/2024
ACR949 FF HFC 23-01 Industrial Process Emissions Clayton, NC, US 4/10/2024 – 5/10/2024
ACR881 Capture and removal of fugitive venting coal mine methane 50-5 Coal Mine Methane Greene County, PA, US 4/16/2024 – 5/16/2024
ACR1006 Challenge Tree Farm IFM Project Forest Carbon Yuba and Butte County, CA, US 4/17/2024 – 5/17/2024